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Ghost Stories, Guides, and Folk Tales


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Ghost stories and folklore of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana.

Read the stories. Explore the ghostly area.

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Haunted Hikes of the Appalachian Hills and Hollers


 Haunted Ohio Hiking Trails 

Hiking Trails

Hocking Hills Hiking Trails


Upcoming Haunted Hikes-

Moonville Ghost Hike and Ghost Hunt

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Hikers must reserve a spot!
Dark of Night Moonville Hike (Zaleski, Ohio)

You must sign up for the hike AND MAKE A RESERVATION: or private message me here on FB. EVERYONE TAKING THE HIKE MUST SIGN A WAIVER. Complete the Hike Waiver form and bring it to the hike.


Friday, July 28, 2023
Dark of Night Moonville Hike
Meet: Moonville Parking Lot
Time: 8:30 p.m.

Saturday August 5, 2023 (This hike is filled)

Dark of Night Moonville Hike in conjunction with Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival

Meet: Moonville Parking Lot
Time: 8:30 p.m.


Friday, July 14, 2023 (This hike is filled)
Dark of Night Moonville Hike
Meet: Moonville Parking Lot
Time: 8:30 p.m.


I am offering a last-minute night hike at Moonville Tunnel, telling local ghost stories followed by a ghost hunt at the famous and haunted tunnel. The hike and ghost hunt will take about 2 hours. I will be walking an out-and-back section of the Moonville Rail Trail, and those interested can hike with me from Moonville town proper to Ingham Station/Bear Hollow.
The hike is free. It is a little over 1.0 miles one-way, a total of 2.0 miles on an easy, flat gravel railroad bed. It takes about 30-40 minutes to hike one way at a leisurely pace. However, we move steadily with a few short stops to hear the local ghost stories, so it may be too challenging for those with health issues, walking difficulties, or who are out of shape. It will be dark on the return. Bring a flashlight. No pets.
After, I’ll bring some basic ghost-hunting equipment so you can try a little ghost hunting in the tunnel. And if you wish to download some of the online “ghost hunting” apps like Ghost Tube, we can test to see if they mirror some of the tried-and-true tools used over time.

Bring water and a flashlight or cell phone for light. There are no restrooms.
Please check on FB before coming for weather/flooding or other updates.

I will have some of my Ohio, West Virginia, and Appalachian hikes books available (including the Moonville book, Haunted Hocking Hills, and the Vinton County haunts) for purchase for ten bucks a piece but bring cash. There are no ATMs and the cell phone services are sketchy.

Under 18 must have a parent/guardian. (Parent/Legal Guardian of hikers under 18 must sign the waiver! A responsible adult/parent/guardian must hike with underage children).

Moonville Tunnel Parking Lot: Meeting Area
Moonville Rail Trail, New Marshfield, OH 45766
39.308336, -82.324526

You must sign up for the hike at: or private message me here on FB. EVERYONE TAKING THE HIKE MUST SIGN A WAIVER. Complete the Hike Waiver form on and bring it to the hike. (If you cannot print the waiver, I will have a limited number with me)

Click here for Directions to Moonville

Please let me know you are coming via message: Facebook

Or e-mail









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Or check out the Moonville Tunnel Site

Mysteries and Horror by Shay Lawless

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Mysteries and horror by Shay Lawless .


2023 Events and Haunted Hikes/Ghost Hunts!


Saltfork Bigfoot Conference: Ohio State Parks, Salt Fork May 5-7 2023



April 22, 2023

Earthday Nelsonville, Ohio


May 6, 2023

Salt Fork Bigfoot Festival


June 3, 2023

White Oak Rail Trail Event


Friday, July 14, 2023
Dark of Night Moonville Hike
Meet: Moonville Parking Lot
Time: 8:30 p.m.


The Ghosts of Moonville In the Light of the Full Moon Light Hikes: Moonville Tunnel, Zaleski, Ohio

Folklore Just Outside Your Backdoor Hiking Series

Full Moon Hike from Moonville town proper to Bear Hollow The hike is free. It is a little over a mile one way, a total of 2 miles on an easy, flat gravel railroad bed. It takes about 30 minutes to hike one way at a leisurely pace. After, I’ll bring some basic ghost hunting equipment so you can try a little ghost hunting in the tunnel.
It may be hot and runs near standing water, so wear insect-protective clothing and/or bug spray, and comfortable shoes or boots. I cannot stress enough that the land around Moonville is full of marshy areas with tons of mosquitos! Bring water and a flashlight or cell phone for light. There are no restrooms. Hikers must sign up at and bring a hiking waiver.

Moonville Tunnel Parking
Moonville Rail Trail, New Marshfield, OH 45766
39.308336, -82.324526

Please RSVP me on FB if coming. Please RSVP me on Facebook and fill out the Hike Waiver.

August 4-5, 2023


Hocking Hills Big Foot and Moonville Hike August 5, 2023 8:00 pm


August 19, 2023

Cryptid Fest at Greenbriar Valley Brewery


Moonville Tunnel Hike

Hikers must register!

21 Crows Moonville Tunnel Hike

Dark of Night Moonville Hike (Zaleski, Ohio)

Friday, October 6
Saturday, October 21
Saturday, October 28

There will be signups for the hike-the hikes will be posted each week on

Take a night hike with Jannette Quackenbush from Moonville to Ingham Station/Bear Hollow with ghost stories and legends of Moonville and ghost hunt in Moonville Tunnel. Hikers are limited and must sign up for the hike at: Complete the Hike Waiver form and bring it to the hike. Check out for signups and times.





From BackRoads Books

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Books with Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories and Folk Tales of New Orleans 

Over 100 terrifying ghost stories

Walking tour map of the French Quarter
Addresses/GPS of locations.
Haunted Cemeteries of New Orleans like St Louis No 1.
Ghostly bayous.
Haunted plantations nearby.

Ghosts along Bourbon Street
Charm Gate at the Court of Two Sisters
Mysterious Tale of the Sultan's Disappearance
Marie Laveau- Vodou Queen of New Orleans
Red-headed Ghost of Old Parish Prison
Congo Square and the Tale of the Haunted Tree
Devil's Mansion
The Axeman
St Louis, St Patricks, Lafayette and too many cemeteries to name!
Vampire of New Orleans
LaLaurie Mansion (The Old Haunted House)
The Pirates of New Orleans

Little Book of Gettysburg Ghosts & Haunted Pennsylvania

Book includes 28 ghost stories with a walking tour and driving tour maps and info on local ghost tours so you can explore the hauntings:


The tragic story of Jennie Wade and her return

Leftover ghosts of Little Round Top

The Orphanage 

Spirits of Saucks Covered Bridge

George Spangler Farm-presence at the well

Devil's Den 

Battlefield ghosts

Hotel apparitions

Tavern ghosts

Haunted Hocking/Haunted Ohio 13-Book Series

Over 55 frightening ghost stories and folk tales along with haunted places to hike.

Haunted Hikes - Addresses/GPS to find the ghosts and haunt.

Haunted Ohio

The Old Man of Old Man’s Cave

Ash Cave Pale Lady

Rock House

Legend of the Dead Horse Thief

Moonville Tunnel

Weeping Angel in Athens

Dead Man Hollow

Athens Asylum

Bloody Horseshoe Grave

Haunted West Virginia 3-Book Series

Over 80 terrifying ghost stories and old tales of the macabre passed down and packed into this book and including:

Haunted Hikes - Addresses/GPS to find the ghosts and haunt.

Haunted Rail Trails!

Spooky Cemeteries.

Headless ghosts, ghosts that walk the Rail Trail, old haunted hotels, banshees, and Civil War ghosts. 

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The ghosts of Harpers Ferry

Ghost dog of Laurel Creek Ford

Greenbrier Ghost

Droop Mountain Battlefield haunts

22 Mine Road

Hatfield and McCoy haunts

Legend of John Henry

Devil Baby

Silver Run Tunnel

Flinderation Tunnel


Monsters, Cryptids, and Mysterious Wild Beasts: West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Beyond. and Where to Find Them

PLACES/GPS of areas you can visit TO search for THESE WILD BEASTS.  VISIT THE AREA THEY WERE SEEN!  Pictures of areas!

Snarly Yow - Black Dog of South Mountain

Goatman of Fletchertown Road

Sykesville Monster

West Virginia Hellhound and Tommyknocker


Wampus Cat

Vegetable Man

Ohio's Bigfoot 

Minerva Monster

Loveland Frogman

Storm Hag of Presque Isle 

Goat-Man of Pope Lick Trestle (Kentucky)

Melon Heads 

Flatwoods Monster


Appalachian Chupacabra

Children's Books

From Mothman to mysterious monsters and a kids guide to scary Haunted Hocking Hills

Mothman Learns the ABCs

by Michael Schang (Author), Danner Seyffer-Sprague



Shay Lawless Series

The Redneck Run

Brandy Alexander Devereauxs spends her Friday nights at the Crazy Kettle bar, fiddling with her wedding band and staring at the empty seat next to her. She’s fending off drunk men’s advances and waiting for her maybe-dead ex-husband to return. Barring these slight eccentricities, Brandy’s life is pretty ordinary. She wants nothing more than to finish college to become a chef. Oh, and to compete in the National Fire Mountain Redneck Run and succeed in triumphing over the hometown dream team consisting of four mean girls, the upper pecking order at her job at Mister Smiley’s Grocery. And. . .Brandy never expects her life to take a strange veer when her drunk mama brings her a mysterious lock box with clues to Brandy’s ex-husband’s disappearance. A surprise romance. A love inspired suspense thriller and mystery waiting to unfold. Family secrets and romance with second chances.

The Redneck Run II


Fifteen years ago, a young woman was brutally murdered, her dead body dumped along the lonely shore of Stone Cold Creek outside Quail Hollow, West Virginia. Her brother, Marcus Freeman, was imprisoned for the crime.Brandy Devereauxs thinks she has her life all wrapped up in a neat little bow. She has a rich fiancé, an upcoming career as a chef, and she’s running with the local dream team at the National Fire Mountain Redneck Run. Then all hell breaks loose when Marcus Freeman is released from prison and asks her to solve the murder he swears he did not commit. As the clues to the murder begin to come together, the strings to not only Brandy’s perfect life start to unravel, but the fate of her beloved hometown is in peril. Brandy must find a way to not only solve a cold case crime without getting murdered herself, but change the direction of the ill-fated path she is leading--hand-in-hand with her hometown.

The Secret Life of Rosie Mauer, Wallflower


Rosie Mauer is the high school librarian, lunchroom attendant and after-school detention monitor at Laurel Grove High School. She's got a cat for her best friend and a secret crush on her sister's boyfriend, a local fireman. She sings in the church choir and knows that even though her IQ is off the records, she blends into the world with as much flair as the wilting honeysuckle growing along the wall in her mom’s garden.
She figures her life will always be so bland. That is, until she is hired incognito to be the nanny for a rich man’s son who is a suspect in the murder of two girls whose disappearance and deaths may also mirror those of her aunt who vanished forty years earlier. As Rosie Mauer, she’s an awkward young woman who can’t seem to fit in. As her alter ego—beautiful and outgoing Violet Popovich, she finds herself lavished with gifts from admirers . . . and digging deeper into a crime surpassing the imaginations of those around her and puts her on the trail of a serial killer. Between her two worlds, she is running out of time as the bodies start to pile up. And it is getting more difficult to hide her secret life.

Lost Hollow


A small mining community museum is burglarized. A man vanishes and is assumed murdered.
Harley Davidson hasn’t always made the right choices. She’s trying to turn that around. But when an ex-boyfriend vanishes along with antiques from the local museum where she volunteers and fingers point to her, Harley’s life spins out of control while she digs into the past to find clues to the mystery behind the town—and perhaps, find the missing man and solve a crime.
Old treasures never unearthed. Dark secrets undiscovered and better left alone. An old mining town with a mysterious past and perhaps, a doomed future. And, of course, a bit of romance in this thriller.
Harley’s not looking for romance. But while she’s discovering the dark secrets of her town and trying to convince her grandpa she can be a part of his ragtag baseball team dreaming of competing in the local Brandy Mountain Big Ball Tournament, she has a chance encounter with not only her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, but a man who certainly isn’t her type, but shares her love of the mystery in which she is unwillingly entangled.

Dead Broke Hearts


She’s heavy metal music, piercings, and tattoos. She’s never settling on one town before heading to the next. And she’s way out of his comfort zone.

He’s country music, chaps and cowboy hats. He’s the arrogant son of a wealthy landowner in a small town in Tennessee fifty miles from Nashville. And he’s everything she doesn’t like in a man.
The one thing they do have in common, though, are hearts that are as beaten down as the dead broke horses for sale in an old farm outside his town. But when rock singer Waylon Ryder’s boyfriend dumps her in the middle of farm country in Bel-Air. Tennessee, fifty miles from Nashville and pawns her guitar to pay for the hotel room, their two worlds collide whether they want them to or not.
As the dust starts to settle in the small town, Waylon inadvertently digs up quite a bit more secrets, lies, and scandals than she bargained for along with romance and the chance to start all over again. Still, she has her own secrets she must keep. Secrets that may put her life in jeopardy and she could lose it all.
Discover Bel-Air, a small town with heart in Dead Broke Hearts, another Shay Lawless contemporary romance-with-a-bit-of-suspense novel where the strengths of the heroines and the men who love them lead them down paths they may not have expected and fates they never thought possible. And second chances do happen.

The Dance Card


Journey Bacon has grown up in a small town. She figures she’s settled into a normal, boring life working at a bank and marrying the same controlling man she’s dated since high school. But when a friend gives her an old dance card with a mysterious past and a promise she must keep, Journey experiences an unexpected twist of fate and a second chance at changing her life. A gift of singing country music. A secret romance with a cowboy. A mystery unfolding. And secrets, so many of them. And that is just the beginning—A small town romance with heart. And a country music romance to boot!

Whiskey Tango

A young woman is found brutally murdered in the close-knit college town of Hensley Grove, Kentucky. But she wasn’t the first in a series of shockingly similar killings occurring over a span of nearly sixty years. The main suspect is the father of college student and graffiti artist, Tango Baldwin. Her dad is notorious for breaking into houses, and he has seemed to vanish into thin air. But could he be a cold-blooded murderer too?
Desperate to clear her family name, Tango begins investigating the murders while secretly trying to redeem her dream of dancing and staying one step ahead of the local police painting her town in graffiti. As she digs deeper into the mystery, she finds herself torn between two loves-a mysterious stranger and a man whose motives for being in Hensley Grove may be deadly for Tango and her friends. Ultimately, Tango begins to uncover more town secrets than she bargained for and secrets that lead her right on to the trail of the killer.

Monster Collector

Austin Jackson had come to accept her life is simply going to be less ordinary. She collects monsters, mutants and freaks for her rich, eccentric boss. She’s got ADHD and a powerful urge to protect. But when destiny knocks at her door and she receives a cryptic message for help, she returns to her small town along with her collection of peculiarities and confronts an old love. She finds out there is more that has drawn her back and it isn’t just the boy she once fell in love with and the daughter she left behind. The town is slowly being taken over by a man with evil intentions. Small town romance with a sci fi twist. Monsters and mutants and mayhem --a skinwalker, a fairy, a rougarou, a golem, and descendants of gods, deities, and goddesses form a motley team of superheroes not so dead-set on stopping evil from conquering the world. Join the adventure as Austin uses the abilities of friends to overcome evil and finds her own special abilities that come from her Native Indian background.

Ghost Town - A Fairy Tale

No-nonsense Jericho McGovern thought her worst nightmare would be turning out like her subservient mum who was too afraid of her Christian husband to stick up for her Pagan beliefs. She was wrong. She appears just an ordinary college graduate ready to start her internship in archeology to prove these two worlds can amicably meet. Then, unexpectedly, she finds herself tossed into a nightmare world of magic and fantasy that is being torn apart by Irish beings thought to be nothing but folklore of the past. Still, she’s not alone. She ends up with her ex-boyfriend’s three rebellious kids and an angry, romantic fairy with irrational behavior who has taken up residence inside her. Well, and there’s also the love/hate relationship with that fairy’s true love. Along the way, she must find out what is making every safe haven she seeks refuge within crumble into one ghost town after another before her world completely disappears.A romantic fantasy book with a magical twist!

Boney Dump

“Don’t go poking the damn hornet’s nest with a stick, you hear? Were you born this stupid or did you hit your head somewhere along the line?” That’s what my uncle told me a long time ago about stirring things up outside the meadow at night like ghosts, kid-eating clowns, booger men, ghouls, and beastly bugs. He just didn’t bother to tell me simply showing up in town was the same as picking up a stick from the ground, whapping the nest really hard, and releasing the nasty things dwelling inside. Every town has its secrets—horrifying, horrible secrets from its past better left to rest. Glen Estes just has a few more than most. It’s a curse that won’t rest. The town was only one stick poke away from letting things loose again. Then I showed up with the stick. I poked the nest. And I stirred things up, released what lay within. . .

Dark Pines


Part-time crime scene photographer, Piper LaRue, gets called in to take pictures of a young woman’s body found in the old coal mining ghost town of Dark Pines, Kentucky. When another dead body shows up, she begins to wonder if all that seems clear through the viewfinder of her camera, really isn’t something dark and secret the neighboring townspeople are trying to hide from outsider eyes. The trail leads cold except for hazy similarities in an old legend passed down through the ages by those who live in the small towns there. But Piper has her own past she wishes to keep secret. When she begins looking closer at the crime, she finds more than dangers from these new crimes lurking nearby, As her past catches up with her, it may become deadly for not only Piper, but also the one person who believes she might be able to solve the case.




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