West Virginia Ghost Stories, Legends, and Haunts


West Virginia Ghost Stories - Over 80 terrifying ghost stories and old tales of the macabre passed down and packed into this book and including: Haunted Hikes - Addresses/GPS to find the ghosts and haunt. Haunted Rail Trails! Spooky Cemeteries. Headless ghosts, ghosts that walk the Rail Trail, old haunted hotels, banshees, and Civil War ghosts.

Discover the real ghost stories and legends like the White Woman of Silver Run!

  • Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
  • The ghosts of Harpers Ferry
  • Ghost dog of Laurel Creek Ford
  • Greenbrier Ghost
  • Droop Mountain Battlefield haunts
  • 22 Mine Road
  • Hatfield and McCoy haunts
  • Legend of John Henry
  • Devil Baby
  • Silver Run Tunnel
  • Flinderation Tunnel

West Virginia Ghost Stories, Legends, Haunts, and Folklore II


Ghost Stories and Folk Tales from West Virginia-

  • The Legend of Seneca Rocks
  • The Appalling Mystery at Wheeling's Hempfield Tunnel
  • Ghost in Wetzel's Cave
  • New River Ghost Town Ghosts like Stretchers Neck and Thurmond
  • Harpers Ferry, Martinsburg, and Charles Town Haunts
  • Strange Happenings at Twistabout Ridge
  • Rowlesburg Misty Ghost
  • Lost Sweethearts of Bouge Harman Mountain
  • Bud Mountain's Ghostly Fiddler
  • Spirits of Silver Run Tunnel, Eaton, and Lost Tunnel
  • Nearby Fairmont Ghosts like Coffin Rider and Vinegar Hill, and Kettle Run
  • Wizards Clip
  • Booger Hole Spirits and Legends
  • Haunting of Collins Betts


Books by Author, Jannette Quackenbush-West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Cincinnati and more!

West Virginia Ghost Stories: The Classics (III)

Over a hundred ghostly stories, and at least one from each county of West Virginia! Haunted Hikes. Haunted Houses.

•Greenbrier Ghost

•Telltale Lilac Bush

•Booger Hole 

•Strange Creek

•Saul Outruns a Witch's Doings

•Silver Run Tunnel and how to get there!

•Ikie's Tomb

•Hedger Hollow

And bunches of headless ghosts, ghost dogs and old ghost tales!

In this book, you will find: Old Haunted House and Schools, Hank's Last Stop!

•Ghostly places to visit including the address/GPS to find them.

HAUNTED HIKES and discover the area where the ghost story took place!


Haunted Hocking Hills

Over  65 terrifying ghost stories and old tales of the macabre passed down and packed into this book and including:

  • Moonville Tunnel 
  • Old Man's Cave
  • Cedar Falls
  • Athens Asylum
  • Bloody Horseshoe Grave
  • Dead Man Hollow
  • Blue Flame Ghost
  • Ghost of Simcoe Valley
  • Screaming Hollow
  • Singing Children



Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide II

Discover Ohio's Spookiest Campfire stories--

  • Old Man's Cave - How it got its name
  • Ash Cave's Pale Lady
  • Cedar Falls
  • Lone Grave at Allen's Knob outside Lancaster
  • Legend of Airplane Hollow near Nelsonville
  • The Mysterious Grave of Osa Wilson in Lawrence County
  • Stumpy Hollow
  • San Toy Ghost Town
  • Elizabeth's Grave in Chillicothe
  • Dead Man Hollow near Portsmouth
  • Moonville Tunnel
  • Marietta's Many Ghosts
  • And so many more!

Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide III

Discover Ohio's Spookiest ghost stories!

  • Bloody Horseshoe Grave of Mary Henry
  • Dead Man Hollow Mysterious Grave
  • The Red Slipper Murder
  • The Haunted Athens Asylum and Ghostly Cemetery Walk
  • Bloody Island in Columbus
  • The Real Woolly-Booger of Little Pennsylvania Cemetery
  • Crybaby Hill
  • Fairport Harbor Ghost Cat
  • Gore Orphanage
  • Ghouls of Zanesville
  • The Grave of the Gypsy Queen
  • Holcomb Road
  • The Elmore Rider
And more than 65 spine-tingling haunted Ohio ghost stories and legends to tell around the campfire or visit. 


Books by Author, Jannette Quackenbush-West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Cincinnati and more!

Columbus Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide

Local legends and ghost stories from Columbus, Ohio including:

  • The Jury Room
  • Schwartz Castle
  • Central Ohio Fire Museum
  • Greenlawn Cemetery
  • Old Franklinton Cemetery
  • The Thurber House
  • Fort Hayes
  • Mooney Mansion and Calumet Bridge
  • Glen Echo Park
  • Nearby haunts like The Woolly-Booger
  • And haunted bars like Char Bar and Elevator Brewery!

49 stories of the haunted past of Columbus.



Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide V

Ghost Stories. Haunted Hikes. Pictures of the places. GPS/Addresses to Visit--Read the stories and visit the places too!

  • Screaming Bridge over Maud Hughes Road in Butler County
  • Lincoln Ghost Train
  • Franklin Castle in Cleveland
  • Ghostly Bride in a White Gown along Trebein Road in Greene County
  • Anna Bell’s Grave in Hardin County
  • The Maplehurst Mansion Ghost in Mt Vernon
  • Harrod Cemetery Hatchet Man
  • One-legged Captain at Benjamin Joy Cemetery
  • Bessie Little Bridge, Frankenstein's Castle, and Johnny's Grave in Dayton
  • Stumpy Hollow
  • Bloody Mary near Mansfield
  • Ghost Hollow near Portsmouth

and over 70 spooky ghost stories from Ohio.




Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide VI

A young girl stumbles along a carefully mowed section of Egypt Valley Wildlife Area where her home stood nearby and a man stalked her mercilessly. She is dead. But you might see her if you visit her memorial there . . .
She is just one of the many ghosts in this book . . .
Cherry Fork Cemetery in Adams County
Ghosts of the Ashtabula Train Wreck
Egypt Valley Wildlife Area spirits including Louisa Fox
The Underground Railroad spirits in Cincinnati
Little Miamivill Scenic Trail haunting
The ghostly side of Roscoe Village and Waynesville
The legend of Stillhouse Hollow in Lancaster
Spirits of Clifton Gorge
Ghost of the one-legged shoe peddler
Hell Town and Cuyahogo Valley
The story of the post boy, Warlock's Grave, River Styx and many more!

Cleveland Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide

Cleveland, Ohio Ghost and Hauntings – 24 tales and legends

  • Woodland Cemetery
  • Old Farmer's Market Alley
  • Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run
  • Squire's Castle
  • The Drury Mansion
  • Grays Armory
  • The Lackawanna Ghost Train
  • Variety and Agora Theatre And Ballroom
  • Franklin Castle and more!


Books by Author, Jannette Quackenbush-West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Cincinnati and more!

Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide VIII

Ohio ghost stories, haunts and legends. Haunted Ohio places.Short stories about some of Ohio's scariest haunted places with historical information about the haunted area included.


Ohio Ghost Stories and Spooky Legends: The Classics

There's a classic Ohio ghost story from EACH COUNTY IN OHIO and where to find them. 

  • Gore Orphanage
  • The Legend of Amy near Cincinnati
  • Brown County's Calico Lady
  • Screaming Bridge in Butler County
  • Headless Horseman of Cherry Hill
  • Marietta's Floating Eliza
  • Muddy Creek's Elmore Rider
  • Bloody Bridge
  • Snakes in a Grave in Portage County
  • Witch's Grave
  • Hell Town
  • Red Slipper Murder
  • Republic Ghost Train


Moonville Its Past. Its Ghosts. Its Legends.

Many years ago, a young brakeman stopped in Zaleski for a drink after work. When he left, he was so drunk that he laid down for a quick nap before heading home. What he did not realize was that he had made a bed of the railroad tracks. A train came through sometime during the night. . . and now the brakeman is one of the many ghosts that haunt Moonville and its tunnel.

Moonville, Hope Furnace Station, Hope Furnace, Ingham Station, and Kings Station were towns along the railroad. They all have something in common--ghosts! Moonville. Its Past. Its Ghosts. Its Legends. explores the many ghost stories and folk tales of Moonville and the surrounding area along with a haunted map of the Moonville Rail Trail.


Haunted Hikes of the Appalachian Hills and Hollers: Hiking Trails with Ghost Stories, Legends, and Folktales

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Parkway meandering 469 miles around the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains through Virginia and North Carolina. It connects two parks, Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Along its route, there are trails where people can stop and hike,
including the Appalachian Trail, which crosses its path. And few more adventurous come to check out a ghost – that of a little boy who haunts a mountain ridge along the Appalachian Trail in George Washington National Forest in Virginia. . .His name was Emmet "Ottie" Powell.

This is just one of the many legends that haunt the Appalachian Region including . . .
Spending the Night With the Wild and the Dead at Sarver Hollow Shelter
Ghost House at Big Ridge State Park
Lucy of Roaring Forks Motor Trail
Great Smoky Mountains Legends of Spearinger & the Dancing Lights
White Woman of Silver Run
The Dead Men in Daniel Wise’s Well
The Legend of Betty Knox and Her Ox
Dead Man’s Hollow Conservation Area— Great Allegheny Passage - Dead Man’s Hollow
New River Gorge National Park and Preserve— Kaymoor Miners Trail Ghost Trains and Dead Miners
Massacre at Yahoo Falls

Haunted Hike of the Appalachian Hills and Holler 2

You may have thought hiking the woods with the bears, coyotes, snakes, and the occasional creepy deer hunter lurking in the shadows was scary enough. Well, I am going to tell you some stories that will make it a whole lot more frightening-

The legend of Stickpile Tunnel, the hike to it, and more haunted hiking trail with their ghost stories can be found in this book along with directions, guides, and maps:

The Mysterious Brown Mountain Lights
Sideling Tunnel Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike
The Choir of the Dead of Roan Mountain
The Little People of Hickory Nut Gorge
The Devil’s Courthouse and Tennessee Bald
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Noland Creek Trail
Ghost Town at Shenandoah National Park—Upper Pocosin Mission
George Washington & Jefferson National Forests Red Fox Trail to The Killing Rock
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park—The Dead Soldier in Gap Cave
Pine Mountain State Resort Park Chained Rock Trail

Mammoth Cave The Old Haunted Cave
Paw Paw Tunnel Headless Haunt
Great Falls—Goldmine Trail Goldmine Ghoul
The Red-headed Man of Dorsey’s Knob
Twin Falls State Park That Thing up in Poke Holler
New River Gorge National Park McKinley Rock at The Rend Trail
A Haunted Hike through Harpers Ferry
Lake Hope State Park, The Night Watchman
Haunted Battlefield Farms at Gettysburg

and more!




Monsters, Cryptids, and Mysterious Wild Beasts: West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Beyond. and Where to Find Them

Monsters, Cryptids, and Mysterious Wild Beasts - Discover the stories behind Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland's most incredible creatures! Bigfoot. Goatman. Frogmen. Black Dogs. Sheepsquatch. Mothman. Flatwoods Monster.  Dogman . . .

In the autumn of 1952, a Flatwoods, West Virginia mom, her sons, and some neighborhood kids would come face to face with a 10-foot tall dark green figure with a reddish face that hovered above the ground alien-like. It both terrified and mystified them along with the rest of the country and would be called Flatwoods Monster . . .

Find out more about the Flatwoods Monster and other mysterious things like a strange Bigfoot creature the author had a run-in with while checking out places for the book. PLACES/GPS of areas you can visit TO search for THESE WILD BEASTS.  VISIT THE AREA THEY WERE SEEN!  Pictures of areas!

  • Snarly Yow - Black Dog of South Mountain
  • Goatman of Fletchertown Road
  • Sykesville Monster
  • West Virginia Hellhound and Tommyknocker
  • Sheepsquatch
  • Wampus Cat
  • Vegetable Man
  • Ohio's Bigfoot 
  • Minerva Monster
  • Loveland Frogman
  • Storm Hag of Presque Isle 
  • Goat-Man of Pope Lick Trestle (Kentucky)
  • Melon Heads 
  • Flatwoods Monster
  • Mothman
  • Appalachian Chupacabra
And more! Delve into the dark recesses of deep forests and search out the wild beasts or take a drive along Ohio's byways and see for yourself if that creature exists. GPS and places to search the creatures out.


Ghost Stories and Folk Tales of New Orleans

Travel New Orleans Walking tour map of the French Quarter! Pictures of the Haunted Places and addresses!
If you plan on dying, do it in New Orleans because there is a pretty good chance you will get to come back for eternity as a ghost here!
Others have from thieving pirates, Vodou Queens, misers, monks, shopkeepers, and angry children . . . the tortured, the vengeful, the lost, the rich, the poor— well, just about anybody who is still not ready to go.

  • Ghosts along Bourbon Street
  • Charm Gate at the Court of Two Sisters
  • Mysterious Tale of the Sultan's Disappearance
  • Marie Laveau- Vodou Queen of New Orleans
  • Red-headed Ghost of Old Parish Prison
  • Congo Square and the Tale of the Haunted Tree
  • Devil's Mansion
  • The Axeman
  • St Louis, St Patricks, Lafayette and too many cemeteries to name!
  • Vampire of New Orleans
  • LaLaurie Mansion (The Old Haunted House)
  • The Pirates of New Orleans
Take a stroll through the book—there are over 100 terrifying ghost stories and old tales of the macabre passed down and packed into this book and including:
  • Walking tour map of the French Quarter
  • Addresses/GPS to find the haunt.
  • Haunted Cemeteries of New Orleans like St Louis No 1 and 2.
  • Ghostly bayous.
  • Haunted plantations nearby.


Pennsylvania Ghosts and Haunts: West Pennsylvania

Over 40 ghost stories  Directions on Visiting  Pictures of the Ghostly Places

There is a road in Fayette County called Betty Knox Road. It is named for a settler who lived in Fayette County by Kentuck and Tharp knobs around the Revolutionary War who disappeared along with her ox. Betty was never found. The gruesome discovery of the ox's skeleton tied to a tree years later left only more questions for those who searched for the woman. Now, if you go to a certain place along the road, you may hear the mournful cry of the ox and hear someone calling, "Betty Knox! Betty Knox!"

Find your scary place with Pennsylvania Ghosts and Hauntings-West Pennsylvania. 

Including these hauntings and directions on exploring them:

  • Betty and her Ox
  • Dead Man's Hollow
  • Pittsburgh Haunts
  • Slag Pile Annie
  • Legend of Blue Mist Road
  • Rices Landing
  • White Rocks
  • Crow Rock
  • Hell's Hollow
  • Shades of Death Road
  • Presque Isle Storm Hag
  • Zombie Land, and more. Over 40 stories and how to visit them.


Little Book of Gettysburg Ghosts

Ghost Stories of Gettysburg with Walking and Driving Tour Maps! Pictures of Haunted Places to Visit!

The old Hummelbaugh Farm has a ghost. It is a phantom hound that has returned long after its owner, a Confederate officer named William Barksdale, died there. It refused to leave the site in life and passersby, even today, hear its baying in the night.

Book includes 28 ghost stories with a walking tour and driving tour maps and info on local ghost tours so you can explore the hauntings:

  • The tragic story of Jennie Wade and her return
  • Leftover ghosts of Little Round Top 
  • The Orphanage 
  • Spirits of Saucks Covered Bridge
  • George Spangler Farm-presence at the well
  • Devil's Den 
  • Battlefield ghosts
  • Hotel apparitions
  • Tavern ghosts


Little Book of Marietta Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories of Marietta, Ohio and Where to search them out! Includes a Walking Tour Map of haunted places in Marietta.

A ghostly form rises from the lawn of an old mansion in Marietta before vanishing from sight.

The home is the Anchorage House and the spirit is none other than Eliza Putnam just one of the many ghosts in this book. . .

  • The haunted Lafayette Hotel
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theatre spirits
  • Who haunts the Marietta Castle?
  • Mound Cemetery's ghostly past


Haunted Hocking Hills for Kids

Ghost stories, games and activities for kids from the Hocking Hills of Ohio. Ohio ghost stories for kids.

Little Book of Spine-Chilling Parlour Games 


Little Book of Spine-Chilling Parlour Games -
  • The Mirror Game
  • Light as a Feather
  • The Talking or Ouija Board
  • Bloody Mary
  • The Sandman
  • Squeal, Piggy, Squeal
  • Wink, Wink, Murder
  • Wolf and Dog
  • Finding a Future Mate With an Apple Peel
  • Midnight Man
  • Crossroads Game (Tsuji-Ura)
  • The Telephone Game
  • Charades With a Ghostly Twist
  • Sleeve Dipping
  • Ghost Story
  • The Bell Game


Little Book of Ghosts and Monsters in the Hocking Hills

The Little Book of Monsters and Ghosts at Hocking Hills State Park. 12 favorite classics.


Cincinnati Ghost Stories

Discover the scarier side of Cincinnati - Cincinnati's ghost stories, urban legends, and haunts, from the phantoms lurking at Music Hall to a couple of graves at Spring Grove Cemetery that will make you think twice about visiting there. Then, ghost hunt Hamilton County-learn about Cincinnati's Bogeyman, how Bloody Run got its name, and listen to a ghostly fiddler play at an old cemetery. Even a couple of monsters like the Loveland Frogman could still prowl around a local river. Plus, find a few more in the tri-county region with ghost stories from Butler, Adams, Clermont, and Warren.