Things I realized today. . . 

I'm working on a Ghost Town book, Ghosts of Appalachia, and Haunted Hikes. It isn't a secret that I also write mystery and supernatural fiction. I'm working on one of those too!

Here are a couple of places I've been while working on the new books this last month-

This used to be the main street of Consol near New Pittsburg and Jobs. It is really hard to imagine cute houses here at one time.

Here's the USGS Topo Map from 1911 showing the town of Consol then. Crazy, right?

This old house, below,  is not far from Oreton, deep in the woods. A strange thing happened here on one of my visits -I was walking past, and I watched as Lucy began to wag her tail like she does when one of the kids come home from school. I distinctly heard a child's "Hi!" with a bit of local twang. I looked up and nobody was there. Lucy's tail stopped wagging and she just sauntered off. I can certainly tell you that it was 10 miles from the nearest town and deep in the woods. After a thorough search, nobody was found!  

Here are two of the latest Books I've written. These each have a ghost story from each county in the state. I'm always trying to find old ghost stories, so if you have one to tell, I would love to hear it!

West Virginia Ghost Stories, The Classics





Want to hear the story behind the story?

Take a peek at one of my ghost stories. 

 Check out the backbone of each story. 

Discover some secrets of its past. Take a ride with me to the place the story began.  

Nightmare on Axtel Ridge . . .

Headless Dog of Tug Fork . . .

And this is me...

I surround myself in my animals when I write. I live on an old farmstead in Appalachia and right now out in my field, I have an old horse named Teddy.

And this is one of my cats . . .

This is Dusty. He sits behind me by the window when I write. He is a lot chubbier than he looks in this picture. Strictly an "inside cat", he is quite pampered. He's on a diet and when I wake up in the morning, he is staring a hole through me from his perch on the bed, then meows until I get him his tiny can of chicken pate. He thinks that I do not know that during the night, he sneaks into the utility room and knocks over the dry cat food for my barn cats and dines on it. 




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